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Untuk melakukan download textbook dsb khususnya dalam bidang kedokteran gigi , silahkan langsung didownload dari :



- Repair of the trigeminal nerve: a review download
- Exposure of unerupted palatal canines: A survey of current  practice in the United Kingdom, and     experience of a gingival-sparing procedure download
- Technique for transfer of a template in free flap design download
- Perforation of the inferior alveolar nerve by the maxillary artery: An anatomical study download
- Ridge augmentation with the coronoid-temporalis muscle pedicled flap download
- Fractures of the mandibular condyle: evidence base and current concepts of management download

-Clasification of gingival recession download
- Chronic Periodontitis as a Risk Marker for Systemic Diseases with Reference to Cardiometabolic   Disorders: Common Pathways in their Progression  download
- The Influence of Sex Steroid Hormones on Gingiva of Women download
- Periodontitis and risk of diabetes mellitus download

-Inflammation–regeneration interplay in the dentine–pulp complex download
-Methods dentists use to diagnose primary caries lesions prior to restorative treatment: Findings from The Dental PBRN download
-The effect of toothpaste concentration on enamel and dentine  wear in vitro download
-Why guidelines for early childhood caries prevention could be  ineffective amongst children at high risk download
-Trial of protective effect of fissure sealants, in vivo, on the   palatal surfaces of anterior teeth, in patients suffering from erosion download
-Relationship between dental erosion and respiratory symptoms in patients with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease download
- A minimally destructive technique for removing the smearlayer from dentine surfaces download
-Four-year clinical evaluation of Class II nano-hybrid resin composite restorations bonded with a one-step self-etch and a two-step etch-and-rinse adhesive download
-Chitosan effect on dental enamel de-remineralization: An in vitro evaluation download
-Towards a better understanding of the adhesion mechanism of resin-modified glass-ionomers by bonding to differently prepared dentin download
- Does mandibular edentulous bone height affect prosthetic treatment success? download
- Temperature rise on dentin caused by temporary crown and fixed partial denture materials: Influencing factors download
- Recontouring teeth and closing diastemas with direct composite buildups: A clinical evaluation of survival and quality parameters download
- Solvent composition of one-step self-etch adhesives and dentine wettability  download
- 30-Month randomised clinical trial to evaluate the clinical performance of a nanofill and a nanohybrid composite  download
- Minimally invasive caries removal using bio-active glass air-abrasion download


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